Folk London - I want my event in the diary

Folk London is a print magazine, the on-line diary is an extract from the published hardcopy. The deal is simple, you want customers and we want readers. Sell the magazine for us and you get full use of the diary for all your events plus 30p per copy commission.

Of course we do understand that a lot of occasional events and sessions aren't in a position to do this. All folk clubs, commercial folk venues, sessions and singarounds in Greater London get listed in the club guide automatically, you just have to tell us. Also we will a put maximum of one event per month into the diary. If you want more than that you either need to take out a display advert, start selling the magazine or pay a small fee for inclusion in the diary, currently £5.60 per issue.

For events outside of Greater London, again, if you sell the magazine or take out a display ad, you get full use of the diary. For an entry in the club guide only there is a fee of 5.60 per issue. For diary plus club guide 11.20 per issue.

For a paid entry please use the link below to contact the editor. We will invoice you with details of how to make payment. Payment must be received before the magazine goes to press.

For free submissions please just contact the editor in the normal way.

Prices are valid up to the February 2017 edition. New prices will be announced from April onwards.

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